Wednesday, November 19, 2008


While I don't subscribe to many magazines I do buy certain ones (mostly craft related) quite regularly and always look forward to something new to read.
So for awhile online I've heard mention of the new "Stitch" magazine. I've been pretty good with the "not purchasing new craft supplies" unofficial rule, what with being on the couch sick for a week, so today I got cabin fever and after a difficult time getting my daughter to school I went to Joann's, and splurged.
I bought some things I didn't really need ( some I did-potential present excuse ) and I also got the magazine. Inside there are a lot of inspiring things I want to make. Not sure which one I'll start with. I'm loving the skirts, placemats and bags.

Sunday we braved the Southern California fires to attend a double birthday party in Palm Desert. I took these pictures for family that used to live really close to these locations. On the left is Anaheim Hills, notice how close the fire was to the freeway?!
On the right are the Brea area fires.
I feel so terrible for those who lost their homes and more.

On a lighter note.....In case you're wondering about the coffee sleeve 'on' the magazine cover, it's one I'm about to put in the shop. I made it a month ago and never got around to listing it. It's part of my "embellished coffee and tea sleeve'' line. I think it'll be great for any teacher or student.

I love jumbo ric-rac

Here are a couple more pictures that might not make it to the the shop...I've been told my backgrounds are distracting but I just can't help myself. I think they look too cute for this sleeve.

interior view

Lastly I'm working on my fifth hat. I'll how a picture once it's done. Not too sure who it's for exactly but I have a long Christmas list. It's amazing how different you can make a hat look with different yarn, needles and slouchiness ...

Off to list my sleeve. Take care...

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