Thursday, November 13, 2008

The show has been cancelled

Due to the economy and lack of vendor participation(?) the December 3rd MOPS Boutique I was participating in has been cancelled.

Where will I hang my newly made bunting? I'll try and think of something. In the 'studio' for now.
Meanwhile from the sofa where I've been lying sick for 2 days , I did manage to make the little Flickr badge over there on the right....Off to eat some soup.


kim* said...

aw get well soon.

andrea said...

Thank you Kim.This cold has really beat me this week.Seems like I'm finally starting to get better.

AmandaB said...

The canceled our Christmas botique out here in Temecula too, very sad!

Andrea said...

Hi Amanda-
I was sure dissapointed .I only signed up for one show this year!Better plan better next year.Take care.

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