Thursday, February 12, 2009

...Getting ready for Valentine's Day

E's earrings

Well this week sure has gone by quickly. I never did get around to starting up that purse I was working on/designing. Maybe this weekend? I did get some painting supplies tho'. I'm a much better hunter /gatherer than a "find the time and space to get the project started" kind of person.
The kids have a 4 day weekend starting tomorrow, so hopefully then. My car needs some work so that gives me an excuse to stay home!
I'm hoping we can make some Valentine's cards and maybe some jewelry I have ideas for...
Ideas ideas...too many ideas.
I was just digging around the 'studio' for something and was coming across all of these unfinished projects. I should take pictures and post them and maybe it'll encourage me to stop starting things I don't finish....

Here I am actually starting a project I finished! Yay. Want to make more for little gifts

I'll show 'em when they're done!

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