Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

I have been getting so much done just since yesterday. When the girls are home and I don't have to run in and out it's amazing how much more time I can save.
E and I have been making jewelry. I have a new-found admiration and appreciation for jewelry makers. And a new craft love. I think it is much harder than it looks. For some reason I always thought it was going to be easy. Not so much...I will get some pictures up for those necklaces I made as soon as they meet 'family approval' at a birthday party tomorrow! Seems I'm always one post behind in the pictures...oh the suspense (wink wink).

So, yesterday I made some heart shaped pancakes...Wrong day I know but I wanted to practice...They are free-form. I tried to use a giant cookie cutter but, it just wasn't working and anyway I believe there are no rules in 'art'. Or writing for that matter.

Can pancake making be considered an art? Some chefs might agree!

This is a rule I always remind myself when I (or my girls) are creating something.

Here's a little story...When I was a little girl in France, I went for a year to a Catholic school (click on the link for beautiful pictures of this historical place)- anyway the art teacher gave us an assignment for ''drawing our dream house''. I apparently drew it "incorrectly".You could see both sides of the ends of the house-'realistically wrong' in perspective. Really right in my drawing of a 'dream home', I thought. I was so angry at him for saying my dream house was 'wrong'. I think he wanted me to redo it but if my memory serves correctly, I refused. It's my dream house, I can draw it as I like.

So free-form pancakes all around!

This morning we also made Valentine's ...

And... for fun here's a hat I finished up, but I don't remember if I ever mentioned I was knitting it?...It was pretty easy- easier than it looked to me, and I think it turned out well...It's the "Sideways Grande hat" from "Boutique Knits" by Laura Irwin. I just used a fun yarn I had to see if I could even make it...I believe it's malabrigo but might be wrong??

I'll try and get a 'whole hat' shot when I get the chance!

My daughter M confiscated it from me!

Have a Happy, loving, creative day!


katrinna louise said...

Great pancake! I think of all foods, pancakes are my fave to have for breakfast. And their almost the only thing I can cook really well! I love them with raspberry jam and chocolate chips - great way to start the day!

Anonymous said...

The valentines are adorable, the pancakes look delicious, the knitting looks nice and soft, and I say you can draw your house however you like.

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