Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Silk cord

Remember my 'no rules' rules in art in my last post? Well I thought I would play around with a picture I took this afternoon on picnik. I thought the colors were so pretty (in real life), I took out my camera. I bought this beautiful silk cord to make a bracelet with .'Unfortunately' I will need a few more supplies so I managed to get nothing done...Besides this.
In my etsy shop I feel it's important to make the colors (when touching up a photo) as close to real as possible. On the blog, I can do what I want right?
So I added a lot of saturation and color and cropped with the 'rounded edge frame' . I think it's pretty. What do you think?

The silk cord is photographed on a page from the 'French General' book that's been such an inspiration this week.
You can see the 'before' pictures at my flickr site


Audrey said...

I love it!! The colors and the way you set it up are amazing. I just don't have the imagination to do that. Lucky you!

Infinite Cosmos said...

very cute! i love the antique look to the picture.

andrea said...

Thank you both for your kind compliments!

rachellucie said...

gorgeous! To thank you for your support, I've nominated you for a 'Lemonade Award'! check out my page for more info. Rach x

Heather said...

this is a beautiful image! Love the blue....so lovely!~

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