Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A morning in the life of a SAHM/WAHM or: little portions of time

Or is it SWAHM?(stay-work from home mom). I don't think there is much 'staying at home' involved tho'.
I often feel like my days are chopped into 'little portions of time'.
After running a few errands this morning I didn't think I would have time to start up a project, finish, and put it away. So here I am, blogging instead.
We're hoping to move this summer into a home where we'll have a 'real studio', a room dedicated to arts and crafts- we can leave things out between each portion. I think that will be a true luxury!

While blogging I sometimes eat lunch. Multi-tasking at it's finest. My husbands' 'salade de riz', or rice salad, you see above is on the menu. In other words -last nights leftovers. I don't really like to cook unless sugar is involved. Salade de riz reminds me of France, we often got it in school there... (where school cafeteria food is a 4 course event)!
I love the chipped bowl it's in and thought it would make a neat picture. I'm trying to take more pictures and practice practice practice.
I also bought some papers, ribbons and other art supplies this morning. And this book:

It's by Kelly Rae Roberts. I've seen it for awhile now and decided to get it today.
I thought it would be a fun read as I've been wanting to paint again lately. Later on I'll make a nice cup of tea and enjoy it. Can't wait.

The backdrop in today's pictures is our kitchen table, paint splatters and all(!),it's usually covered with a table cloth. It looks like a collage project in the makings :)

And lastly, I meant to show this for my Valentine's Day post. It's a coin purse with red and pink vintage buttons I made last year.

I had planned to make a bunch of them, but never got around to it. One day.When I have a big enough portion of time.
Have a happy creative day!

Note to self: must change banner for March !!


Jillianmackowiak said...

I love reading your blogs!! They always make me feel like I'm part of the family. :)

Thank you for the complement on the earrings. I love doing it, now if I'd just make some extra mula. haha

Take care!!

Heather said...

hello there! that bowl is beautiful, I've never heard of that dish but it sounds yummy! I am a SWAHM too ;) sometimes it seems like you do so much in the day....that nothing gets done! ;)

thecraftbegins said...

ok whatever is in that rice salad, it looks AMAZING. darn, now i'm hungry!

andrea creates said...

Just rice,peas,ham and mozzarella.It is very good.

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