Thursday, February 26, 2009

New banner

How do you like the new banner?
I'm not sure about it yet. It's a little bigger than the previous one I had up. Oh well, at least it isn't a Valentine's Day theme anymore.


Anonymous said...

I think it looks great I like the headband..!! I see you bought kellys book..I think I will soon too..Enjoy it..Have a great day..!! Robin

rachellucie said...

Hi Andrea,

I love it! The other was great too, but this is better in that it is featuring your work and grabbing your eye, so people want to find out more about your work.

great pic!

Anonymous said...

Great photo!

Jillianmackowiak said...

LOVE IT!! I love that it is showing something you made, so right off the bat people are like 'WOAH! That's great, let me check the rest of her stuff out.'

:) Jillian

SleightGirl said...

I think your banner looks great!

andrea said...

Thanks everyone for the kind compliments on my banner.I wasn't sure if it just seemed too large.
Have a great weekend!

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