Thursday, March 19, 2009

Treasury! Yay!

My daughter made a treasury!
Well she didn't make it but she's in it!
This very nice shop owner on etsy: CatTingles has curated(is that the word?) this treasury featuring children's items (her daughter makes things too, like the Little red riding hood necklace ).
"E" makes the jewelry in my shop ( I've mentioned that before, right?) and we're super excited. Here's the link:

Let's see if I can get a picture of it ...

How fun !
While you're at it check out CatTingles' shop. She has the cutest felted cat necklaces (and more).You just have to see them.

P.S: Does anyone know of an 'easy way' to capture a page like this for a blog? I think I probably did it the hard way.


Jillianmackowiak said...

Congrats to your daughter Andrea! How exciting for her to be in one....wouldn't it be wonderful if she made it to the front page.

Jillian :)

andrea said...

thanks- that would really be nice!

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