Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another Tuesday-Are you wearing green?

I am wearing green today. I have a lot of green things in my closet too, so I'm all set for today.

I can't believe it's been a whole week since I wrote anything here. I have been doing a lot, just not crafting or working on my blog apparently.
Since I felt like I had to post something and I had a few minutes before minimum day pick up at school I thought I'd take some pictures of The Little Red Riding Hood pouch. If I purposely set out to take good pictures, it just doesn't happen. I tried. I will have to do some more before it goes to the shop, but you get the idea...
Should I bother showing the back?? Ah,o.k...but it'll be smaller.Why didn't I notice the whole
pouch fell sideways? Did I not look through the viewfinder?Sometimes I wonder.
In other news- I made another sale on etsy yesterday! Yay! I sold one of my 'scrappy collage' notepads. The tea party one. You can see it in flickr or my sold section in the shop. So, I think I'll list some more that I made awhile ago. I love using the words on selvages for little 'titles'. I have a whole 'french cardboard suitcase' full of selvages I save. This one is called "Pastimes".

Here is the other one-"Peas and Carrots"....Like the picture up above...I got a little carried away with picnik

I think these pictures turned out pretty good. I won't bore you with the inside and back but if you want to see...they'll be in the shop later...I took the pictures on green backgrounds just for St.Patrick's Day. I have to make corned beef and cabbage later..... Have a Happy Day!


Anonymous said...

Your pictures are too cute! Love the rounded edges.

Sonia said...

Hi Andrea :)
Aww these are great ! Love collages with fabrics, and these are really too cute for words ! So retro, I love ! oxox Happy spring to you & have a lovely, crafty weekend ahead !

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