Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend projects

I finally carved a path to the sewing machine yesterday. I usually have to clear it all off and stack it around the room to be able to work, this place is so small I've given up trying to put it away as there is no 'away'. Until we move and I can have my own studio, it's just gonna have to be messy. It's a little better than before however, and I actually got some work done (Woohoo). I have been looking for some little projects to make for Easter gifts-it's fast approaching.... This is what I got accomplished yesterday:

Tissue cozies.
In Beatrix Potter fabric. Since it is most likely trademarked/copywritten I cannot use it for the shop, but I can make gifts!
When I was little my mother painted 3 little scenes from these stories for my room. She even hand-painted all of the wrapping paper for one of my birthdays with scenes from the books(!!) I had most of the books and the cute little animals to go with it. My grandmother started my collection before passing away. I still have them all.
Here's another : I used the pattern from Lexie Barnes book " Sew what bags".

I've had tissue cozies in the shop before, but not made this way. I like this version as well, but I would eventually have to figure a way to finish the inside edges-or a way to keep them concealed. I prefer hidden raw seams/edges.

Here is the inside:
I used an aqua calico for the inside of this one and used it as half a flap on the other.
I also found some cute tutorials on a few other blogs that I want to try:
Meet me at Mike's has some cute Easter projects links...I want to make the fabric eggs with my scraps.
All sorts has a cute little bunny pin...

I also had to redo my knitting again Sunday.That made me want to go and get new yarn too.
So sorry, my model was busy napping so I've had to take the picture without her.

The yarn is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. I love it, it kind of has a springy texture. Hopefully I'll get it right this time (crosses fingers).

Yesterday I also (finally) used the gift card I received for Valentine's Day, at one of my favorite stores.
At first I wanted the dark grey...

.................but decided on lilac-It's a nice Spring color..................

The very top picture in this lengthy post is part of my thread collection -just tried to take some nice colorful pictures for practice.
Here are the rest:

there is even a box under the box you can't see!

Off to make some more tissue cozies before my 'work time' is up. Have a great day.


Heather said...

you've been busy!i love your collection of thread, thats art in itself!!

Sarah and Jon said...

You have a very impressive thread collection! That Beatrix Potter fabric is very sweet too!

andrea said...

Thank you both for your kind words.I really appreciate my blogging friends.
Have a great day-

Starry said...

hi, i found you on Button Floozie, and your name sounded creative, I am always looking for fellow creative spirits.
I love the headbands with the buttons and flowers, gorgeous!
Enjoy creating,
xxx Starry

Jillianmackowiak said...


Love love LOVE your thread collection, you have an amazing amount and in a million colors. I want my bead collection to be as impressive. LOL Not even close yet!!

Your pictures are looking really good too!!

Take care,
Jillian :)

the 6 o'clock stitch said...

I love the Beatrix Potter fabric! Those books are so wonderful. Thank you for commenting on my post yesterday. Have a wonderful Friday.


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