Thursday, April 2, 2009

Here are the boxes

click on the pictures to enlarge

As promised, before I pack them up for moving (?)- A few pictures of my Caffarel tin collection. This is just a dent in the whole collection! I wasn't even able to find the
small ones. Some of these are not Caffarel but they're nice just the same:)

The green one on the left held cookies. It's from Venice. I wish the pictures were better:(

When I was little I would look at drawings in a children's book we had of cities around the world, it said that Venice didn't have cars, just boats. I thought that was pretty wonderful. We went a few years ago and only got to stay for an afternoon, but it was worth it, and I do hope to go back some day. It just seemed like the perfect, quaint little artist's island. We went in one store that was so perfect, a girl was hand sewing a project and she had old tins like these and "Steiff teddy bears" and neat things all around.I wish I had taken a picture.

Here are some
closeups of some of my favorites...These are little tiny boxes.Just an inch or so:

and another with some gnomes:

I don't even like the candy inside of these, (-licorice-) I just bought them for the images!

"The milk can", I love the beehive...this one holds caramel and coffee flavored candies...

I bought most of these in Italy. Every time we stop the car I find the nearest bakery or candy shop!

Well I must go and deliver my 'See's' to my customers before school gets ou
Have a great day!


tascha said...

Oh those tins are so darling!

andrea said...

Thanks Tascha-I like them too;)

Joy De Vivre Design said...

What a lovely collection!

Celina said...

Oooh--I have tin envy! Those are beautiful!

Sandy said...

What a colorful collection!

andrea said...

Thanks for all the kind words and for stopping by:)

Heather said...

oh! these are so cute and fun! I've never seen these tins all the sweet photos. awesome collectioN!~

kim* said...

what a fun collection of tins

Anonymous said...

I love the way they're displayed on the shelf.

Walk in the Woods said...

Oh my - what a delightful collection!

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