Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back for a few, and a treasury : )

I'm back for a few more days, then off again.Thanks to all who have sent their best wishes for our move ; )

I also wanted to thank the little red door who included me in a treasury!! Her shop is one I've admired for awhile...Make sure to check out hers and the other great shops featured.

Let's see if I can get a decent pic up.... Alas, hard as I try I can never get a decent picture of a treasury... Anyone have advice for an easy free way ?

Have a great Tuesday : )


The Little Fox said...

Congrats on the feature!!!
To save a treasury photo:
You need to press shift+printscreen or fn+printscreen if you are on a laptop. That should save the image to your clipboard. Then open any program such as Photoshop, create a new file from clipboard, and hit paste. The image of the treasury should be there!
Let me know if that worked for you!
The Little Fox

andrea creates said...

thanks little fox.i will try that soon. i also have my brother saving it for me :)

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