Thursday, September 17, 2009

Color inspiration and a little something I'm working on

Chartreuse, apple green, aqua and candy pink raspberry

Wow, the weeks just seem to be flying by. I know as soon as school starts it always seems to be next week already. It feels like it takes me all week to get a project done.

Lately I have been inspired by some new colors I never would have really thought much about before. Chartreuse, apple greens, candy pink raspberry-is that a color? Olive.
I tried to take a picture of the trim outdoors for natural lighting but sometimes the sun is just too harsh-the colors looked all washed out so I played with them on picnik. Now, they're a little too strong but I thought they looked nice anyway.

I plan on going to the Country Living Fair this weekend~ so I thought I'd make a little something to go with me...I'll show you when it's all done.

a secret 'little' project

Can you guess what it is? It's something I used to make a lot of but now, I rarely do... I'm challenging myself to use up some supplies I have on hand (what an idea!) since I don't know where a lot of good supply places are here in our new location. If it turns out as planned ~I'll make some for the shop too : )

More piles of trim I seem to enjoy taking pictures of lately


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
Thanks for stopping by Andrea and entering our Giveaway!
I love your pictures of trim and can't wait to see your finished secret project!

Ann Renee Lighter said...

Hi Andrea,
I just read through your recent postings to catch up!
You do such lovely work. Your colors and fabric choices are wonderful. Keep up the good work!

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