Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Country Living Fair weekend, some finished projetcs, Ikea find, new stash

What long crazy post title! I can explain...
Last weekend my Mom, my 2 girls and I, went to the Country Living Fair. Something I've been wanting to do for a few years and now that we live nearby-I really wanted to go...It was quite fun. I'm sorry I didn't take too many pictures-
The highlights for me were visiting the booths of Earth Angels Toys...what talented artists... I bought a little blue bird from Jennifer Murphy and I think my Mom bought all of the ones they had left!
We also visited the booth of McMaster and Storm ...I bought a few goodies there too...I'll try and get some pictures of those up soon.
As promised, here's the 'secret' project I was working on.

Can you see the embroidery floss running through the vintage lace?

Fabric from Ballard designs' outlet~ I believe it's linen ...I used a lot of my vintage lace trims and buttons, velvet trim, embroidery floss...This tote is huge. I carried it around the Country Living Fair and it was great to stash flyers, cards and purchases in. For everyday though, it might be a little too big.
~For everyday and for the shop, I might make up a smaller size in another fabric that doesn't get too wrinkly. I have the hardest time taking pictures of things that are so big (it's about 22 inches tall by 18 inches wide and very long 18 inch drop straps) and still be able to fit in the little details...

vintage trims, buttons and scallop stitching
you can click on the picture to see it better


To make a day of it we also stopped by a store in Columbus for fabric~a little birthday treat for myself~ here's what I got.

My fabric store finds usually have a common color scheme not done intentionally.This time, I 'm not sure how I chose this particular combination, but I do have plans for all of them.

I also got 2 patterns. I think the little wallets will be a quick fun Christmas present :)

At Ikea yesterday, I noticed they have been getting in some of their new Christmas things...I thought these reusable shopping bags would make nice gift bags...

I also got some red and white polka dot gift wrap to go with them.

Oh, and here's my flower pin all finished up~with the stitching around the edges:

That's it for now~I must go sit on the sofa with some iced tea before I get the kids and do homework!
Have a Happy Crafty Day : )


Heather said...

Oh, you lucky duck! I bet the fair was amazing!!!
and what cute projects! Love that bag, what pretty colors you've chosen for it all...

beki said...

How fun! I sure wish I lived close enough to attend. Your flower turned out great :)

Katie Runnels said...

Love love your bird bag!! Did you sell it already!? xoxo

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