Monday, October 19, 2009

Flora, Fauna and not so Merri-weather

It seems that at least a few people agree with me that Fall has been skipped. Maybe it will come back before Winter kicks in? I sure hope so. I was born, and have lived in California for years, but really missed the seasonal changes our family grew up with in France too.

Yesterday, I decided to make a new style of cell phone cozy in fabrics that remind me of a walk in the woods on a crisp Autumn day there.
I'm a little embarrassed to say it took me at least 2 days of trying to get this cozy the right size and shape for my phone. It's a bigger kind of phone than I'm used to so it needed a new case.
This case , or cozy- I like that word right now, brr... is squishy and padded with cotton batting. I usually like to add vintage buttons to my projects but this fabric is busy enough. Instead I outlined the toadstools in green thread. It's a pretty different look for my shop.
Did you know that toadstools , or more specifically Amanita Muscaria, are considered symbols of good luck in Germany and other European countries?
I've been working on some knitted hats too for my Christmas gift stash....I'll try and get those pictures up for you tomorrow : )
Stay warm.


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

SOOooooo pretty!
Much nicer than my leather one from the local phone shop...perhaps I should add it to my xmas list!

Kunklebaby said...

I totally agree with you ! I was talking to a few people over the weekend, how fall was just skipped this year. It's my favorite season, so I've been a little sad about it.

Do you like being here in Ohio so far?

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