Monday, October 26, 2009


I took my camera outside and took some photos of the Autumn leaves.
I must say I have never seen colors like these-or else I just don't have a memory of it. Especially these red trees and bushes. Now I want one for my yard but I don't know what they are.They are everywhere here.

I was actually driving around with the camera around my neck-(yes, stopping first ) but then I realized I was taking photos through the glass and that probably wasn't too good.

So I'll try and take some better ones later.

I also made another hat.I love these 'Pony' needles. I believe they're plastic but they are slightly flexible and not too cold.

O.k, I'm going to go take some more photos now ...
Have a Happy cozy day :)


UberArt said...

I love fall leaves! Such pretty colors.

Claire said...

When autumn comes around, I get astounded by the greatness of nature! I love the colors of fall!

randi said...

Beautiful photos!

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