Thursday, October 22, 2009

A study in orange and new stash

No, my deck is not really that orange (chosen by previous owners). I like to think it's a more faded redwood color. I want to stain it dark brown myself. Or maybe an antiqued blue green ? Not sure if anyone else in the house would go along with me on that one.

I spotted something in a magazine recently that inspired me to make a bag with boiled or felted wool. Of course I didn't have enough of any kind of wool 'in stock' and especially not in the color I wanted, so I went to Joann's and bought off white wool and dye, and dyed it myself!
This photo is not a good representation of the color it turned out to be. I mixed teal and apple green..It's sort of a 'light blue green aqua'.That's a color, right?..Can't believe I just sprinkled a few drops of this and a dash of that and got exactly the color I wanted.

This bottom photo, is more true to life~except for the deck ;)

I bought some other goodies to go with it too like orange cotton, embroidery floss and tulle.

I also found the newest Amy Butler fabric, there on the left. I love the dark purples.

and some more I forgot to take outside with me.

Now if I could just get up some of the energy I need to make my ideas...Better get to work!

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Rebecca said...

love that new Amy B fabric!

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