Saturday, November 14, 2009


I just went through my stash of fabric and supplies this morning (i.e :also my checkbook :0) .
I had some inspiration this morning and then started to sort through fabrics to decide which to use...and realized I have way way WAY too much. I can't even think or find half of the things I have. I know I have things I don't even remember I have. Bags of things I buy and leave in the bag and discover with pleasant surprise later on. I quickly lost inspiration.
This has to stop. My checkbook tells me so too. I bought some fabric yesterday with the intentions of going into the store for one thing, turned out they didn't have, and left with stuff I didn't really need-o.k well I did need the bobbins...I just have a hard time leaving a (mom and pop) shop without purchasing something.
I went through the boxes of fabrics ~some I wondered why I ever bought.
Should I destash some more on etsy? Should I force (challenge) myself to make things with these fabrics? I think I wanna try that first. I'm up for a challenge. Maybe if I incorporate the pieces into a collage I might look at them in a new way and like them?

And how many purchases must one make at the Local Yarn Store?-again going in for one thing and coming out with another?

So here's my challenge. I've never been good with New Year's resolutions...So I'll try short term and somewhat flexible...then move on to something more 'difficult'. Until December more supplies unless it's something I really really really linings, zippers, or thread....That's it.
I know I can be more creative if I work with what I have. And I might even find some things in my own stash. 'Quel concepto' as I always say !
Do you need to challenge yourself too?


Heather said...

well, you could kill 2 birds with one stone and use the items to make christmas presents. that way, you dont have to spend extra on the presents, and you put the supplies to use!~

Hashi said...

Ack, yes, I need to do this too. I am pretty good about using what I have, but I also seem to grow my stash faster than I use it. I'm thinking of making this a 2010 goal!

Kunklebaby said...

Ohhh-you shop like me! Hahaha! I have recently put a stop to fabric shopping until I clear out some of my stash too! It's hard though.

Becca said...

Andrea, I just saw this older post and wanted to tell you, I do the same thing! I am so bad about not using what I already have. I go to the craft stores and I'm like a kid in a candy store! I am really trying to be better with that this year, and use what I already have on hand! :-)

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