Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Scottie Dog Pouch and a hawk

Yesterday while walking Coco, I came upon some clumps of fur :(
It seemed to be a squirrel from the length of it-squirrels are one of my favorite animals.
I wondered what could've done it- remembering stories about coyotes that were seen around lately...
Later on my daughter came running in to tell me to come look quickly "there's a squirrel with an acorn out on our deck"...I ran and didn't get there in time. He was gone...hopefully hiding under the deck.
Then I saw why he escaped so quickly.
Up in the tree was what at first looked to be a penguin (!)-o.k I didn't have my glasses on and it is kinda far away...I was going by the size and shape plus the fact that it had such contrasting colors, enough excuses?...I grabbed my 'telephoto' camera lens and saw that it was a hawk-it was huge. I snapped a few pictures...only 'til now when I uploaded them did I see that there seems to be something (like a squirrel?) in his claws? Or are my eyes playing tricks on me?

Anyway, on to happier things....
Thank you for your well wishes. We seem to be doing better. My daughter with the flu and pneumonia finally went back to school today.I felt guilty but the Dr. said she would be good enough to go yesterday. What's the hurry? I'm never too anxious to send them off.

I did manage to make this Scottie Dog Pouch to go along with the "Scrappy Collage" pouches and bags -and notepads ....

He's in the shop now :)
Have a Happy Creative day!


Ann Renee Lighter said...

We too have a hawk that occasionally stalks the bird feeder in our front yard. You posted some good pics of yours. When the hawk comes around we try to chase it away, but they are beautiful birds!
Love your little scottie pouch!

Heather said...

we have lots of those hawks too...and last night I heard what sounded like a dozen coyotes yipping and crying...I think the kitties were hiding all night!

Happy to hear that everyone is feeling better, these pouches are adorable too!~

Diana P. said...

Ugh I went out to my car one day and watched a young hawk mess with a squirrel. I tried to scare it off but it was set on getting the little guy. I pretty much got in the car and drove I didn't want to witness what is was about to do. Anywho..that pouch is really cute!

ThreadBeaur said...

Squirrels are one of my favorite little animals too. Their funny antics never cease to amaze. I saw a hawk yesterday grab a bird out of a tree. I guess they all have to eat!

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