Monday, December 7, 2009

And the winner is...

So here's how the winners are chosen for our giveaways:

1.Coco digs around the hat and mixes up the names real well...

2.Coco chooses names by having the paper cling to her ears...darn that camera missed the best part , it was so cute too ;(
she even has a runner up name chosen!

This is why she goes looking in the hat in the first place----treats!

And the winner:

Sweet limes
You are the lucky winner chosen by our studio mascot, Coco!
Please reply to my comment on your blog & or email or even here, within 48 hours or we'll have to go with winner #2 :)

So today is the first snow of the season. I remember growing up in France-the last place I lived where it snowed in the Winter~that my feet would freeze so bad I'd just stick them under the radiators and writhe in pain. So I'm a little worried about how I'll be now-hopefully my boots are better insulated, but I'm not so sure.

I have a lot of Christmas gift knitting to catch up on. I have finished a few things-like these fingerless gloves. They are very simple to make~ I sort of make up the pattern as I go depending on what amounts of yarn I have. I'm using all of those smaller balls that don't quite have enough yardage to make anything else with.The stripes are purposely mismatched. Just for fun :) and because like socks, it's hard to make 2 .

I'll show you the headbands tomorrow....Using some of those scraps I always keep!


by Daisy said...

what a great way to choose a winner. Coco is so cute! congrats!

Heather said...

I am really wanting snow for some reason. Wanting to cuddle up and drink cocoa :) its never snowed much here....I envy places where it piles up...but dont know if i could survive!

I'd love to learn to do fingerless gloves! they are so cute!~

Kunklebaby said...

Those gloves are great! My husband got me a pair of fingerless gloves last year and I can't live without them now!

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