Friday, January 29, 2010

Buttons and Photography Skills

Non vintage buttons

Or lack thereof.
The other day I posted about Coco on a whim.
I was trying to upload and edit photos of a new pouch I made, and they weren't turning out.
I saw Coco staring out the window. She was so cute, I took a few photos of her.
They turned out pretty nice so I took the pouch to the same window thinking they'd turn out good too.
They didn't.

Photography is hit or miss for me. I know, I've said it before.
I like to take photos for fun.
But trying to get the colors exact and all for etsy...that's another story. If I get a good one, it's all luck.

I like to play with photos like this instead:

I got these jars at the scrapbook store and Michael's had the same. They're plastic, = unbreakable :)

The colors are exaggerated. I can rotate and crop and zoom. I'm not showing anything that has to be accurate. Much less pressure. More artistic :)

Much more fun!

white buttons, vintage and non vintage

I usually use old jelly jars etc., but saw these and thought I could use them for all of my non vintage buttons and save the jelly jars for something else.

Do you like to take photos?


CailinMarie said...

ooohhh that one on the bottome, white buttons, vintage and non vintage is FABULOUS!!!! love it.
I get frustrated with digital colors, I really don't like digital photos of people for that reason - most skin tons are not within a good range for digital in my opinion, but apparently I'm out voted on that one! Most professionals even use digital these days.

Heather said...

of course! I love taking photos :) when i worked at the local paper a few years ago, there would be times when we had no images for the front page and I would be sent out the door to find something interesting to photograph before morning deadline. now there was a challenge ;) I think even the most mundane photo can be made interesting through creative editing. your photos are so vibrant and beautiful!

Got It From My Mama said...

Enjoyed your post and can I just say that I too have bother taking pics especially for etsy colour is hit or miss. By the way I am following your blog too

Knotted Nest said...

Great post and photos! I'm always struggling to get my colours accurate for shoppers on etsy, but still interesting enough that people will click:)

Gallery32 said...

I like these photos of buttons. You seem to have a eye for interesting photos. Have you considered selling them on etsy? Just a thought :D

Ammie said...

Yes!!! Especially the last one. (Photos are my very most dreaded part of blogging.)

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