Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Artificial Flowers

I had this flower idea in my head since yesterday and just had to make it today.

I wanted to use some of my Dupioni silk collection and a contrasting colored flower stamen.

I haven't really made (m)any flowers like this before so I think it turned out not too bad for a first time.

As you can see, I've been playing with the editing again...and I couldn't choose which of these photos to post. So I put them all!

I basted one long edge and pulled the threads to gather. I cheated and glued the stamens in place as you can see by the pin above.

I have quite a few of those stamens too. Most of these are vintage. I am now far away from the place where I used to get them but a quick search online revealed a place I have shopped with before and they have quite the collection as well : )
(Click the link and scroll through their catalog for all kinds of inspiration).

Vintage artificial flower stamens


T @ Poppy Place said...

Way cool :)

I have given you an award on my "Blog Love Fest" :) T.

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

It's great when an idea so strong in your head evolves into reality...gorgeous!
Thanks for your comments always, I appreciate the visit...I am struggling with my new project at the moment...the ABC animals aren't turning out how I imagined.
Oh well...I'll keep plodding along and hopefully it'll blossom one day.

Juliana said...

I just adore your blog, so glad that I came across it tonight. Just beautiful! I do hope you will pop by and follow back. Juliana from A Blonde Walks Into A Blog!

Piggy said...

Beautiful photos!! :)

You have also just been TAGGED to do a post about of your favorite things!

Check out my blog to find out more!

God Bless

Additionsstyle said...

Great flower. It is very cool to see how an idea comes together from a thought. I love your photo editing too!

Aloquin said...

Your photo editing is fantastic- I stole one to use as my desktop background! :)

I'm also following you and your flowers now... :)


Erica said...

I do that sometimes! I am a huge grump until I get to do whatever I am inspired to do. The flowers are pretty and the edited photo's are cool... I am sort of wondering what the flowers look like without the editing.

Miss Meliss said...

Amazing flowers! I'm always impressed by what others can do with fabric.

Thanks for coming by my blog for Heather's interview. She's a very wise woman!


Chloe' said...

I love your flower! I hope you'll make more :o) The photos are really groovy too, they're intersting to look through (^_^)

Thankyou for stopping by my Blog today! Im making flowers out of everything lately :o)

Have a great week!

Chloe x

Heather said...

These are so lovely! And the colors are gorgeous!

I have news for you!!~

YOU won my print for my giveaway! :)
So please send me your mailing info to:

audreyeclectic (at) gmail.com

Lala's Pequenos said...

Beautiful! Gosh I love your pictures :)

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