Tuesday, January 26, 2010



Can't think of a good title for today...Distracted is how I feel. So I guess we'll go with that.
It seems as though I can only get one post a week out lately...I'm too distracted.
Housework, working from home, errands, kids, a move that I'm still not undone packing from (!), a studio in the process of being worked on. A mess in the temporary studio that keeps me from working. And people that think if you're working from home =you're not working.
How do you deal with it?
I deal with it by getting nothing much done. That frustrates me. I have all of these ideas floating around, sometimes they make it to a sketchbook so they don't get forgotten. Sometimes they just get forgotten.

Meanwhile...while not getting any work done ;) I went to a local fabric store.

New stash

They had some of the new Denyse Schmidt fabric and some of the new Heather Bailey line. And some other things I bought once I saw it.

They also carry Presencia thread. I hadn't ever seen it in California. I usually use Gutermann and Mettler (sorry couldn't find a direct link for them). I like Mettler a lot because they have what I call 'one off ' colors. Say, the regular color but just a little off in either direction-lighter, darker, more intense...not sure what the correct terminology is I'm thinking of. I'm a little distracted... Presencia, they're even more off than Mettler. I guess they're the in between colors. Lots of in between colors. I had to control myself from buying them all.


If you're still with me here, I wanted to show some more things I got at the scrapbook store....

O.k, not the thread..more ribbon, paper for making Valentine's and a stencil. I don't plan on using it for stenciling but embroidery. If it goes as planned, I'll take some photos.

Oh, and have you seen these?


Butterfly makers from Clover. I have used the flower here, and here and heart shaped ones. I've yet to try this one but will today...They have a shamrock too~
Better get going and get to work!

Also, many thanks for your kind words about Coco, she seems to be doing much better.Whatever it was only lasted a day. She must've been tired from playing : )


AllyJo said...

I'm in agreement. When distracted, head to the quilt store. I am distracted as well for all the same reasons you listed. Ugh. I feel like hybernating, but no one will let me.

jody mcdowell said...

i think about that alot.. not being able to get anything done. a main goal of mine is to never feel stressed, which i'm pretty good at.. but then i really really don't get anything done. i can't seem to juggle more than like 2 things, and i have no idea how people do it!

ooh and your photos are beautiful!

T @ Poppy Place said...

Well you have been busy shopping at least :)

Lucky you, I am band from shopping until I sell something (self imposed)

Love the new thread, I haven't heard of those ones :)

Have fun creating, regards, T.

Heather said...

ah, this all looks so dreamy! And I hear ya...sometimes I feel like I have so much to do that I cant do anything, there's just too much to do to start ;) here's hoping that organized inspiration strikes soon!~

AllyJo said...

Awww...Good Night Moon!! Yes! Now my mind is racing. I'll have to find our old copy (my kids are teenagers). I seem to remember lots of greens in that book. I'm going shopping in your etsy store if my husband will let me (grrr). I love those heart purses. My daughter is in college and I love to send her sweet things in the mail every week.

Take care.

AllyJo said...

OK, bought two things, but I have to wait for husband to pay on paypal, cuz he knows the password, blah, blah, blah. Honest, he's a generous man and let's me buy what I want, but he's possessive of that paypal account. Yikes. :)

jess said...

it's so easy to get distracted. and i hate having to clean up a mess or try and get organized just to be able to create something. sometimes that means working at the dining room table (much to the dislike of the rest of my family) but whatever works. hope you can get away from your distractions, these photos are gorgeous, love the colors!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

shop shop shop...all those groegous colours!!!
Looking forward to seeing your projects.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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