Monday, February 15, 2010

Scrapbook Pretties

Another visit to the scrapbook store. I realize a lot of what I'm looking for there is... color inspiration.
I used to be a 'paperholic'-I love to draw and paint and used to make all my greeting cards-I guess I still am a paperholic-anything to do with arts and crafts for me. But I now have less time to do it all.
These pretty papers and flowers inspire me to make something with these colors-perhaps in a fabric collage? Sorbety citrus colors- not too sour-I don't like sour. I like saturated. I saw these colors in clothing at the mall the other day too. Deep saturated aqua.Teal? Shoes-Pretty.
What I call 'one off ' colors.
I can't get enough of the color palette in Presencia threads. I'd love to have one of their thread display racks : )
Just thought I'd share a pretty picture. (Above).

(Below)~not such a pretty picture...

The studio is a work in progress-It's wall to wall stuff. I've already re~arranged it a bunch of times.
See those two big units in the back ?I have one at least that big full of stuff that I'm not sure will actually make it downstairs intact.
The cutting mat/table in the foreground? It's been a dream of mine forever to have a large cutting/drawing/whatever surface with shelves below. It almost cost me some stitches this weekend. We went to Home Depot to have the board cut. I picked it up wrong and sliced my finger quite badly. Man is that 5ft melamine board heavy!! Apparently no stitches but wow it was looking like it at first.
Anyway every wall you can't see is covered in stuff to the point I'm not sure how it's all getting down here. Plus my daughter wants to put her (huge) beading table in here. Hmm...

Now that I see how much I reeaally have -I need to use it or purge it. Don't be surprised if you see some destash in the shop soon ~lol, or maybe not so lol ; )
I think I'll just go get to work instead of trying to put it all away at once or I'll never get it all done. I'm setting myself a goal of ten pouches (or something else?) to make and list this week!
Do you have a space just to create? Do you have too many arts and crafts supplies?

P.S~thanks for telling me how you pronounce 'andrea' in my last post. It's so interesting to hear how a name can change in pronounciation....I'm still thinking of putting a list of crafty andreas together someday, so if you share my name and would like to be included, go ahead and leave me a comment here : )
Happy crafting!


Got It From My Mama said...

I love your space I don't have a me space yet but I am working on it I tend so spread myself over two rooms not a great idea.

RaspberryKidz said...

I love your studio! Makes me want to clean mine....a little loft off my bedroom. Yeah, I'll do that "later!" : )

Creative Minds said...

Oh my! I love your studio and am sooooo jealous. lol I could be extremely creative in a studio like that. :)

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