Thursday, March 25, 2010

Let Your Art Guide You -Week 7

Make sure you check out Emily's blog-she has a neat tutorial! Just click on the blue link above.

This week I have another bag to share. My bags received quite a few compliments and one even sold in one day (!), so I have been on a bag making frenzy-o.k well, I made 1 more so far, but more are in the plans : )

I love this bird fabric and it makes a nice theme right now for Spring-it has sprung! There are so many types of birds in our yard, I don't even know the names for. I know I've brought this up before, but those giant robins kinda seem (scary) large so I looked them up, just to see why they seem so big to me. Apparently the American ones are about 10-11 inches and the European ones (I'm guessing the ones I remember?) are about 5 inches.
Anyway, fortunately we didn't get the predicted snow this past Monday- but it has been gloomy and sprinkly, hence the darkish photos.

As I dig through my goodies I find more slides-I think this one is vintage too. At least vintage for my collection because I 've had it so long I don't remember ever seeing it before, lol! I think it is Mother of Pearl. Boy, I hate to say things I don't know for sure but it appears to be some sort of shell and it looks opalescent on the back. So for now, I'm going with that.

I added the little color dots (official name?) from the floral fabric's selvedge, to the bottom half of the adjustable strap. The floral's a reproduction -I love the dusty rose color.

The music notes coming from the birds beak, I added some coffee staining to myself-I'm hoping it stays put :0 I'll test it out before putting it in the shop. It was just a little too bright and had to be toned down. The big and the butterscotch colored button, as well as the lace trim are all vintage.

Yep, that's a little Easter project from last year on the table. I have brought out my box of decorations and filled the house and it barely looks like a dent was made in the box!

Here's the inside- I didn't add pockets on this one (oops, note to self, write out a list of directions to follow for next time)

And, just because I'm changing things up a little bit on the blog, and I rarely (o.k, only once) have shown myself here, I thought I'd post a photo from a little (lot) while ago. It's one of the first my Mom took with this camera that she still has(!) I like this picture even if it's a little goofy.

It's hard to see my face here, I may have to remove it :0


Martina Voigt-Schmid said...

Your new bag is soooo nice! Such lovely details - like the singing bird, beautiful buttons and trimmings, one can see that it's made with love!

Maria Isabel said...

I love your new blog look! Those eggs are gorgeous! And your tote is lovely, I really like how yo add so much detail, the color dots,the music notes. And that photo of you is adorable, but I know what you mean, I dont have pictures of myself on my blog either.

Phoenix Peacock said...

I love the bird bags!

Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

Wow- I am so inspired by you! I need to get sewing some cute stuff again. I just love this bag, well all your stuff. Well done girl. I love the new banner too!!

Deedra said...

Very beautiful and vintage-looking! love it!

The Haley Family said...

I really like your bag designs!!! The attention to detail and combination of slides and color and amazing! Great work!

k. lee said...

Thrilled you're on a bag frenzy; can't wait to see what's next!

Gretchen C. said...

I LOVE all your details! and thanks for the interesting fact about robins- I never knew that!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...`re beautiful!
I love this picture of you.
LOVELY bags...I think they`ll be a hit.
I **HEART** your Easter Banner...those are the cardboard eggs which we used to have stuffed with treats for Easter...
So many memories rushing to mind and all very Scandinavian ones.
HUGS Andrea, thank always for your sweet comments on our Blog...
Have a great weekend!

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