Friday, March 5, 2010

Petite Granny Chic Pouch

I'm on a roll~lol. 2 items made in 2 days.Woohoo!
I made a little granny chic style pouch for the shop. If you take a peek, you can see the colors are not quite the same(!) Whenever I can't get the lighting right, I just go ahead and play with the editing and have some fun.
I'll be fixing the ones in the shop as soon as I take some better ones.

It's been sunny for 2 days. Not sure what my excuse is now ;)

I love the pouch. The fabric is Japanese, some that I recently got on this trip. The button is vintage and stitched on with embroidery floss. I've had that one for awhile and am trying to force myself to part with some of my hoarded stash!!
I added a little chocolate colored seam binding to the zipper.

I have a little favor to ask...would you mind telling me what your favorite things of mine that I make are? You can see most of my line in the shop.
I'm having a bit of 'crafter's block' and am not sure what to spend time making anymore. I love the pouches, and doing collage work best.
Do you like the pouches? The rounded bottoms or square?
The coffee sleeves- I love to make them but haven't sold any in awhile. Should I continue to make them? How about the cell phone cozies?
Do you like the collaged pieces? Any fabric preferences? Bright? Muted? Floral? Retro?
I'd really really appreciate your feedback.

Have a Happy Crafty weekend : )


Got It From My Mama said...

I loved your granny pouch the colours were lovely and I liked the brown ribbon nice touch.

robinbenito said...

Hi Andrea, just had a look at your shop - the Alice in wonderland (as i love dots!) and the cardinal puch are my favourites - so cute!

Julie said...

Everything you make is so's hard to pick. I think the pouches are my favorite but I know I'm not much help because I truly do like them in all shapes (Even the hearts I think are so sweet!) And the fabric, again, not much help but I think the retro and the asian insipred fabrics are my fave! : )

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