Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One Bird Bag Accomplished

Bird Bag flap with wonky, free motion stitching and gros~grain ribbon.

Finally got one thing accomplished this week! This Bird Bag Flea Market Tote.
I was very motivated to get at least one thing done thanks to this weekly Thursday blog gathering : )

I love the gros ~grain ribbon stitched on the flap. I got it a few years back and have been hoarding it ; )
I know I've made a few bags and pouches with these birds but I like them and need to use them up ~lol.

I'll admit it was a struggle to get this one thing done. With all of us being sick and everything that a family needs to get done in a week I just can't seem to get more than a few things made. What's everyone's secret? How do you get so much accomplished? I still have things unpacked from last summer when we moved in (!)

I think I do best when I make lists of goals and scratch them off as I go. Now where's my scratch paper?....

Anyway here are the specs: this bag is made with a woven fabric that looks and feels like it's embroidered with variegated orange and aqua colored threads that 'go' with the gros~grain ribbon. I even scrunched some of the same ribbon onto the bottom of the bag, just because. These fabric collages are so fun to make. I free motion quilted around the bird in wonky stitching. The lining, which I forgot to take a photo of, is light beige gingham, and backed with batting. It's really squishy and would be fun to take to a flea market , thrifting, antiquing, or vintaging(is that a word?). I don't expect that it would hold anything too too heavy but your essentials and a few lightweight purchases. Like the buttons and buckles I found last week : )

I just remembered today while trying my best to take photos of this tote, that I used to make mostly larger things pre ~etsy, and haven't really since opening the shop, because it's so hard for me to get a good photo of something so big. I like being able to use my 'light box' and easily fitting in my little pouches and coffee cozies...It's been so dreary here for so long that I haven't been able to get outside for pictures, and I can never seem to find a 'good enough' wall, in decent lighting to hang one up. Any advice? Suggestions?


Lala's Pequenos said...

So sweet and just in time for Spring!

Juliette Crane said...

i'm sorry i don't have photo suggestions for you, but i feel for you. whenever the sun shines during winter here in wisconsin, i grab my camera for shop photos. i'm happy to have found your shop and absolutely adore your bird bag. best wishes!
xoxo, juliette

Anonymous said...

very nice!
i hord ribbons and stuff

and making lists is how i stay organized and on top of my's the only way to go for me!

ciao bella

Gretchen C. said...

I love the bird bag! I like the bigger size too. Just a suggestion- I have a giant photo tent- it's like 5'x5'x5'- something like that. It folds up flat- and is big enough to put a chair or dress form in.


The Haley Family said...

very nice, I love the turquoise accents!

Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

Wow- finally getting on the computer today. That is so awesome!! I really really really like it. You rock!!

Erica said...

I love those birds too! I also like the grossgrain ribbon. The stitching does not look wonky to me!

Martina Voigt-Schmid said...

Your bag is lovely, somehow, birds are on my mind too at the moment ... spring?

Marcela said...

I love the bird bag,so nice! :)

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