Sunday, February 28, 2010

Button and Buckle Score

Pink, cream and orange buttons

This week, before all four of us fell ill to the stomach flu (I'll spare you the details but I have have been mostly on the sofa for 2~3 days), my Mom and I went to a small town full of antiques. It's also where there's a really nice fabric shop.

I love the white ones with the lacy edges

Anyway, have I ever mentioned that I have been looking for vintage buckles-even new ones- for, ever? I have checked the usual: Joann's, quilt shops, knitting shops, craft shops, even my faithful scrapbook boutique. But no.
I have been meaning to make knit hats, bags, and so forth, all with buckles. So many ideas-so, no many buckles.
Well that all changed the other day.

We found shop after shop full of buckles! And really good prices too. Most of these are Bakelite and they're all vintage. How neat is that?! I was so happy I bought the whole card and most of another one. And some in other stores too!

I have so many now I'm contemplating putting some up for sale in the shop-but not sure yet. Maybe if there's an interest, and I don't use them all, lol.
Does anyone else love these kinds of things?

We Also found many many vintage buttons. I love the old packaging cards they're on. Some of these are in really good shape.

I love the little red one with the flowers cut out towards the upper left.

Have you found any good supplies lately?


Phoenix Peacock said...

ooo I love the little red one that is knotted into itself. What fabulous finds!

jody mcdowell said...

I LOVE ALL OF THOSE THINGS! i mean it so much i had to type in all caps!

i scope out etsy for buckles often, so i say sale some because you have at least one customer already! seriously old buttons and bakelite buckles are some of my favorite things in the world.

Anonymous said...

it's like I'm a kid in a candy shop...all the buttons and colours......almost good enough to eat! lol

i'm your new follower....glad you found me so that I found you!
be sure to come back again...
nice to meet new creative types!


The Frugal Fraulein said...

Just found your page and love it! I have a box of vintage buttons that I will have to photograph and show on my blog. I remember playing with my Grandmother's buttons as a little one and wish I had them now! If I had only known how much I would love vintage buttons when I became a vintage person!
Check out my blog at Thanks I will be watching your creations.

andrea creates said...

Hi everyone,thanks for stopping by :)
I just love these too. I might have to go and see if I can get some more (and think about adding them to my shop).I accidentally broke one wooden yesterday~rats.

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Hey Andrea...we must be on the same wave...when I read this post...I realized that our posts were so similar...I love this when this happens...and you find out afterwars...
They're gorgeous finds...and even more special because your Mum helped you find them!

Heather said...

Oooh, what a score! Love those buckles. And I LOVE buttons. Havent made any particular scores lately...but a few years ago i got two old cookie tins FULL of old buttons at an estate sale. The tins were all taped up and I couldnt open them til after I bought them, so it was a bit of a gamble...but boy am I glad I got them! I am still using them in projects and its been about 5 years now ;)

cabin + cub said...

oh wow... awesome find! i love vintage buttons... and their packaging to0! ;)

Gretchen C. said...

LOVE LOVE the buckles! Let me know if you're selling any! I have some small vintage mother of pearl buckles if you ever want to trade!

Also thanks for all your kind words on my blog. I read them all!


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