Monday, February 22, 2010

Some new things and something I won

I'll start by showing you the print I won from Heather at Audrey eclectic, this past week. I've been pretty lucky with giveaways this year!
I love her artwork-you can visit her lovely blog here. And if you'd like to see her shop it's right here : )
Now I just have to get it framed!

I've not met my self imposed 10 item creation quota for the week~however I did make a few new things...

1) The Alice pouch here
2) The tea cozy here
3) This little pouch:

I just love the little girl jumping rope but want to use my youngish looking fabrics for adults ~ what a challenge. I have lots of children's prints that I find hard to resist buying in quilt shops, but I don't make things for children in my shop. So fabric collage work it is.
It's all zigzag stitched on in the usual "scrappy collage" way. The background fabric is Denyse Schmidt upholstery weight. The interior is by Urban Chik's.
I think I'll list this one today : )

3) And finally the "Seamstress Cozy".
I really liked making this one. I think it would be a fun gift for anyone who loves to sew.
I triple (I think it's called?) stitched around the 'tape measures', added some matching dark
teal buttons stitched on with pink embroidery floss, and cut a little bit of tape measure trim
and added it on too. The inside is teal with white polka dots.

I'll try and list it today too~you can see more photos in the shop : )

So I challenged myself to ten and came up with a little less but will try and get at least that many done this week too (phew).
When I moved downstairs to my new studio space I realized just how many supplies I have and that I need to use them ( so I have an excuse to buy more, lol! )

Do you give yourself a weekly quota/challenge?


Maria Isabel said...

You are so lucky! And I love your pouches! But the seamstress one is my fave!

Heather said...

so glad you liked the print :)
All your creations are just so darn adorable!~

Anonymous said...

Wow that seamstress cozy is really something! Love love love it!!! Thanks for your sweet comment too on my blog ;-)

Al x

Got It From My Mama said...

I really liked your seamstress cozy but I also liked the purse with the little girl with the jumping rope lovely pieces nice blog

erin said...

love both the poucha dn cozy. Also, the print you won is awesome. I don't give myself a quota but I do try to do something crafty everyday, no matter how small. A few stiches knitted counts.

Julie said...

I love your new pouches...the vintage fabrics are adorable! Thank you for your kind words about my pups....I have had a few people write to tell me to carry puppy mace in case it ever happens again. Maybe it would make owners like us feel better so we can enjoy the outdoors too. : )

Ann Renee Lighter said...

I just dropped by to see what you've been making. You do such nice work! Wonderful colors and fabrics.
It's always fun to visit your blog.

Tributary said...

Very cute! I love the girl jumping rope!

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