Saturday, February 20, 2010

Afternoon Tea

This is my latest coffee/tea cozy.

I really enjoyed making this one-I just love the colors. Somewhat muted, toast, dusty pink, soft yellows.

with my "white buttons"

I also changed the design from the previous sleeves I've made. This one has a 'straight edge'~instead of the usual rounded end I usually do.
The yellow fabric has a faint lace print on it.

The inside is a grey~blue, olive, and a beigy color floral motif and it has a velcro closure.


I really enjoyed laying out the little applique pieces, choosing which ones I want to use, where to place them,the buttons, the seems so simple yet there is a lot of decision making -lol.

Anyway-this one is hard to part with, but I'll try ; )

picnik collage

The lighting was pretty good today so I took lots of photos.

Looks like I will not make my self imposed 10 things this week quota by Monday. More like 2, unless I get to work very early tomorrow!


Julie said...

I love this! Absolutely adorable! : )

Phoenix Peacock said...

I adore it! My afternoon tea was in my hand as I read the post, making me like it all the more!

Annie said...

Too cute!

andrea creates said...

Thanks girls :)

Heather said...

this is adorable! I love the colors you used!~

affectioknit said...

I love that cozy - it's so pretty!

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

love this being a complete tea addict love the jar of buttons too :0)

thanks for the comment on my blog :o)

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