Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pattern Review

Heather Bailey's Smarty Girl Book Bag Pattern:

I wrote about how long I've wanted to try this pattern here
. It did not disappoint.
I loved it.
It was easy to follow and well written.
Easy to follow is what I like in a pattern. I'm not good with written instructions. Like most artsy craftsy types, I'm more of a visual person. (The one who throws away the instructions on any electronics or 'put it together yourself' furniture etc....) This pattern has just the right amount of diagrams and words.

It would be great for someone who has a little experience making basic totes and wants to up their skills, especially with ruffles. I haven't done many myself and thought it would be a lot harder than it was and it really wasn't : )

*I really liked that the pattern allows for many opportunities to embellish the way you want.
For instance I added the 2 rows of trim on top of the ruffles- just thought it needed a little more. And I plan to add a button soon just for decor. (The ones below are not attached).
I also thought the 'split ruffle' was a cute detail I hadn't seen before.

*I only had a tiny issue with the ruffle part, and it was my own fault because after I reread it (a few times, lol) I realized I should've done it the way I first thought, the first time.Why do I second guess myself? Anyhow, some stitch ripping later... all was corrected : )

Next time~
*I would add an adjustable strap. I started adding them recently to my own projects and will probably not be looking back soon ; )
*I would also add a closure of some kind, because I will be using this as a purse.
* I might try a third row of ruffles!

That's about it. I will be making more for gifts soon!!

I'll have extra photos tomorrow, especially of the details, because I want to have a little game with it, and you get to vote (!) Be sure to check back then : )


affectioknit said...

Awesome bag! It turned out great!

T @ Poppy Place said...

That is very cute, I like the multi trim!

Even though I am a seamstress I still like to follow a pattern by the pics rather than read the instructions, of course that has gotten me into a lot of trouble sometimes :) T.

Ann Renee Lighter said...

This is a very sweet bag! It would be perfect for summer. Your fabric choices are always wonderful.

AllyJo said...

There are so many bag patterns out there and I this one. Thanks for the review. I think I need it.

How do you get that soft sweet glow on your photos and round the corners. It makes your blog peaceful.

andrea creates said...

Thanks everyone.
I usually edit all of my photos in picnik.It's free and quite easy for someone like myself (lol, I don't have much patience or knowledge about this kind of thing ;)
to use.

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