Thursday, June 24, 2010

chocolate tin collection, food and vespas

Let Your Art Guide You~week 20

This week, For LYAGY, I'll be sharing some photos~I haven't quite gotten back into creative mode since I'm still a little jet lagged ; )

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you'll know I have a thing for chocolate and candy tins. Particularly those from Europe, and even more particularly, those from Caffarel and other misc. Italian candy companies. But mostly, Caffarel.
You can see other photos from my ever growing collection here.
This trip proved harder to find the little ones I usually buy.... I did get this one though, it's a little larger and has candies....

pretty berries and color!

I've become a sort of "frequent shopper" at one little pastry shop in town. I haven't been back in about 4 years, but she remembered me :0 ~which tells you how many I've bought from her in the past!
One trip, awhile back, she had saved some empty tins for me over a few years! That was a great haul, lol : )
Anyway, she said they aren't making the little tins of chocolates as much anymore. Darn.

I noticed a popular color for just about anything, was lilac, or purple.
I love the shade on this "Leone" tin. I don't even eat the candies.
I'm more for chocolate and the packaging ; )Here's a photo of the "Leone" factory I shot while whizzing down the freeway. I'm not sure where exactly it is but, somewhere near Torino. I just peeked at their website, and noticed they make chocolate too. Must stop there next time!!

We went to Eataly too. I shouldn't have. Or, I should have, but sooner into the trip, I could've eaten there more : )
I found these candy tins, from Amarelli.

Eataly showcases high quality foods etc. from local, regional growers. We had a wonderfully tasty dinner there.

the ceiling- it used to be a vermouth factory

Some snapshots of the interior of Eataly. Wish we could've spent more time there.If you click on the links, you can learn more about it. Theres an english version too.

And now for the Vespa:It's just a little teeny cell phone charm, in one of my favorite colors. I may adapt it to be a key chain. They had those but in the "wrong"color. Isn't it cute?


Back here tomorrow for "architecture"?


Stunning said...

What a fun collection. That new blue tin is just beautiful!

Maria Isabel said...

Ohh I have a chocolate tin form Germany, I use it to keep my old love letters. Thats a beautiful collection you have there and I love your pictures. I will come by tomorrow for the promised architecture :)

m.e (Cathie) said...

i absolutely LOVE tins, I collect cookie tins but your little chocolate & candy ones are wonderful!
great collection.
thanks also for popping by, great to "meet" you

jody mcdowell said...

whoa! i want to wear that vespa charm as a necklace! it's definitely the best thing i've seen all day.

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