Friday, July 23, 2010

Process # 3 ~Goal of 3

Another process post. This one is a 'mini', as I forgot to take all of the step by step photos :0

Just thought for fun, I'd show the wristlet ~clutch from the previous post, in it's prep stages :

I know, I know, they're basically the same photo, but I was thinking of 2 different things when I took them! Does that count?

Step1: Throw all of the pieces in a pile on or near each other, to make sure they "go" together.

Linings, exteriors, strap pieces, 'flap' fabric, buttons and of course the zipper.
Step #2: Choose a vintage button. They're not always vintage, but this one is....

Step #3: (not shown, oops) sew it all together and make a wristlet : )

And to reach my goal of (at least) 3 of each handmade items in the shop...voila, a 3rd wristlet~clutch:

Wristlet ~Clutch #3~this post is all about 3 it seems.

This one is a little squishier as it doesn't have the fusible batting. It feels a little lighter that way too. Which way do you prefer bags to be? Or more precisely, wristlets/clutches? Sturdier/more rigid? Or lighter, more 'freeform' like?
Have a great weekend : )


Martina Voigt-Schmid said...

I prefer them lighter, uncomplicated and easy. Andrea, you're so creative these days, great :)

Maria Isabel said...

so cute! i like mine to be sturdy so they keep their shape no matter how much stuff I put in!

moose and bird said...

I love the fabrics you have chosen, and the button really sets it apart. I prefer my clutches to be sturdier so they keep their shape when I'm holding them. Hope you have a lovely weekend. xo

jody mcdowell said...

i love the design of these wristlets! personally, i'd prefer them to be more sturdy, so they hold the shape.

great work!

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