Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A quickie post

Inside has polka dots

Just wanted to share something new I made, real quicklike. I've set myself a goal to make 3 of everything in the shop. Why? I don't know. Just a way to get myself moving.

Anyway~here's the newest:

Another convertible wristlet/clutch.
Of course the strap is detachable.

I scallop stitched around the flap just for fun :)
The flap, again, is "faux" just for looks ; ) The button is vintage. You may notice a lot of times I "glue" them on. Sometimes sewing them on just doesn't work. And sometimes I'm not in the mood to bring out the needle and thread :0
It's in the shop now...

I love this fabric. I've been hoarding it for a few years. Finally today I got the nerve to cut into it. I still have some left. I'll make something for me ; )

Do you hoard fabric?
Happy rest of your Wednesday!


Andi said...

Yes I am an absolute hoarder!!
But I've just made a resolution to stop buying fabric and use only from my stash this year.
Your clutch is very super pretty!!!!
Andi :-)

Becca said...

That is so pretty Andrea! I still haven't gotten the nerve to try to learn to sew one of those zippered bags (following a pattern) you're are so pretty! said...

YES! i do! i hoard fabric like a madwoman. Love them and cant stop buying them. But I'm slowly de-stashing them via my new shop
Do come support me... maybe there's something you will love. Daily, there will be new products!


Kunklebaby said...

Cute!! I hoard fabric like you wouldn't believe. Haha!

s. said...

that is cute! love the fabric :)

Ruby Clover said...

so cute! love the colors

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