Monday, August 16, 2010

Help me choose a Fabric Game ; )

Let's play a game today! It's called:
I'm inspirationally challenged right now and want to make a few things but don't know which fabric to choose, game.
Don't get me wrong-I have ideas, I get down to the 'studio', start cutting fabric and don't have a zipper in the right color~or start putting things together (like in my other process posts) and find I'm missing certain necessary supplies. Then I feel the inspiration float away like a deflating balloon. Poof.
So, I thought I'd let you help me decide which fabric to use in my next project.

I thought I'd make a wristlet and want to challenge myself to use fabrics I would not normally grab first in my bins....Not sure why-they've just been there awhile and I think I'm getting so used to them there that I overlook them.

Edited Tuesday~So far I have one for each option !
First up:
Option 'a'- I have a nice piece of Rose Bouquet by Heather Bailey:

Option 'b': I'm not sure who makes this. It is a linen(?) Japanese fabric in shades of purple and blue. A sort of countryside scene...

And Option 'c'- Empress Gardens by Andover fabrics.

I will challenge myself to use what I have on hand-no purchasing of more supplies allowed ; )
Not sure when I'll get the wristlet done, hopefully sometime this week. I'll post the 'winning fabric' Wednesday morning if I have enough replies by then : )

edit: I cheated...I went to make another wristlet this morning and yet again-no zipper in appropriate color-so I went and splurged on like 10 zippers at Joann today!


Captain Sharmie said...

option b! i'm loving the vintage/washed out look to that fabric. i wish you luck!

Art and Clasp said...

I vote option A! I like bright bold fabrics for something small like a wristlet :)

Neky White said...

I really love the option C! very colorful for this season ^^

Mel P said...

I absolutely love B! Use B!

Lisa said...

All your pick would be beautiful bags. ... if you want a challenge.. I think "b" - I think it would stretch your imagination!

Love your site & shop!!! ~*~

Ammie said...

These are all lovely and unique, cuz, hey--they're not in MY stash ;)
I like C. Have fun stash-busting!

Heather said...

all these decisions are SO cute! I must say that option A really pops, but they're all I guess Im no help ;)

andrea creates said...

Thanks everyone for helping me decide :)

Shoebox Seamstress said...

Which one did you end up using?

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