Sunday, August 15, 2010

Whose footprints Are These? Random Tile, Random Thoughts

This is the kind of flooring we've lived with in the kitchen for the past week. Backer board (is that the right term?) and tile in a random path with no grout= fun ; ) Not. It really equals dusty and 'getting old' already.
We had to tile in such a way that we could walk around and through the garage/laundry room, kitchen, main part of the house and the family room while it was still wet so it's pretty randomly laid out right now.With our schedules, we won't be getting back to this until Wednesday. I know it won't get finished then either...this part alone took 3 days(!)

Meanwhile I haven't been posting much lately because of that and because school is almost here and I feel guilty if I am not spending every last minute of Summer, kid entertaining.
I've never looked forward to the kids going back to school but this year summer seems sooo long! How is that? I thought it would feel shorter here in the Midwest going back in August and all. I know it's probably the same amount of vacation time, but it just 'feels' wrong somehow. School is September to me.
So I'll be in and out for the next week or so. I've been working on some more knitting, and I have a little 'game' tomorrow-called: help me choose which fabric I should use for my next project
(A.K.A: I need some inspirational help and where better to look than my blog friends, right?)

O.k~enjoy the rest of your Sunday : )

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