Friday, August 20, 2010

Lavender Clutch

Here it is! The bag that you helped me choose the fabric for
: )

I think I'll call this a mini clutch. It's pretty small. I'm not sure how big clutches and wristlets are-I don't think there is a rule ...This one is the same pattern I use for the wristlets in the shop but with no handle. It just felt like a bag without a handle as I started to make it....It can be a small clutch or a large zippered pouch. However you like ; )

It measures about 7 inches tall and 9 inches wide. The fabric is Japanese and feels like a gauze and linen blend. I believe it's linen and the weave is sort of looser than usual linen. I stitched around some of the details in an aqua colored thread...
I added some buttons in the top corner and lace crochet trim....
Oh~and I went outside with the help of an 'assistant' and shot some photos of my wristlets being held which someone suggested for scale...How do you like them?

So it's going in the shop tonight. As a special 'thank you ' to my blog readers, who helped me decide on which fabric to choose, I am offering a 10% discount off the price of this clutch starting now until Monday August 23rd. Discount will be refunded via paypal after purchase.... Just add:
'Blog Readers Special 10% Discount'
in the 'notes to seller', and I'll know you came from here : )
Happy Weekend!!


CailinMarie said...

wow! This is really pretty and fabric sounds interesting-

andrea creates said...


T @ Poppy Place said...

What a cute little number, love the fabric design :)

I just love seeing your banner, it is so bright and cheery!

Have a lovely weekend, T. :)

Zemphira ~ Scatter Art. said...

Your clutches are adorable! I love the dress fabric clutches in your shop too!!! Sew Sew cute!

Andrea said...

Hi Andrea, thanks for stopping by to say hi! Love your bags - just had a look at your shop and your photos have a great feel too :)

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