Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Convertible Wristlet Clutch~Process Post #5

I'm on a wristlet and clutch making spree I suppose.
I think they're nice in that they can be used as extra large zippered pouches inside a purse or tote or as a purse on they're own. I love multi~functional things. These are convertible. Meaning that the handle can be removed to make it either a wristlet or a clutch.
I like creating art and, I also like to make functional things. I try to add little details and things to my sewing projects that are artful or creative as if I were painting. Or decorating.
For instance here....

It takes me quite awhile to decide what parts are going to go together for these bags. Probably longer than it should :0
Some days pieces get cut and put aside if I don't find the exact color I want to use for the project I'm working on.
I usually will start with a fabric that inspires me that day...then I try and find a zipper that I think 'goes' with it. Here, I decided on the 'parakeet' colored zipper because there is, but not a lot of, the same color of blue in the fabric's print. White would've been too boring for me, and pink, too matchy.

Then I'll scour through my boxes (and boxes) for a coordinating fabric that will become the lining. Here I thought the polka dots matched well and didn't throw off the somewhat 'fancyish' floral too much. I am trying to work with what I have on hand, which can be a great creative challenge and force you to look at things differently, and pleasantly surprise you with the results ...but, sometimes they just get thrown in a pile of WIP's again, lol ; )

Once I choose the lining-one of the hardest parts besides the zipper... I will throw a bunch of buttons on the fabric pieces-like in my other process I chose the darker 'parakeet' colored button and stitched it on with a lighter shade of embroidery floss. I'm also picky about my choice of embroidery floss... I tried out a magenta shade then switched back to the blue for this one because the ribbon was already magenta...

The fabric for this piece is something, (pants, or pajamas originally I think ?) that I bought new but have repurposed on purpose-it was bought for that purpose ; )
I have had it laying around for awhile and never knew what to use it for, 'til the other day : )
What's your creative process?

~Have a crafty day~

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Pat said...

very sweet!

Martina said...

All the details are so sweet on this - great if you go somewhere and need nothing but a bit of pocket-monney and a lipstick. Why carry a big bag always?

lillalotta said...

Lovely wristlet! My process is quite complex, too. I think about it, and sketch it out sometimes, but Iseem to instantly move on a moment of inspiration, and decide after it is made if I like it or not :)

Lisa said...

Adorable fabric & I love the combo!
Great idea with the clipping hook...


ayumills said...

You've been making really artful clutches! I really like the idea that you can remove the strap! So nice!

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