Monday, September 27, 2010

Country Living Fair and a Treasury

We made a day trip out of going to the Country Living Fair and a small fabric shop in Columbus.
This little shop is filled with high quality fabrics from popular designers, Liberty , great trims, notions etc etc. I wish there were one like it closer to me :(
Here's what I got there:

these colors don't do the stash's a rainy day and i have no light but i promise these are really pretty : )

The weather was A LOT nicer this year. It almost felt like Fall! And it was way less crowded.
I'm not sure if the crowd was smaller because they're going to Georgia this year too, or what...but... here are a few photos I took.... Fun!

I love the cute little white building on the right

A view down some of the 'streets'

Great inspiration in these booths!


I was also featured in a treasury called 'coveted' this weekend.Treasuries are so fun ~I remember when I was in zero treasuries, now I am currently in ten! It's so nice to be recognized by fellow shop owners.
So a quick shout out to weebit who curated this one : )

That's my busy weekend...What did you do?

P.S~I realize the photos of the fair are really small here, so I'm uploading them individually to my flickr page if you'd like to see them larger...(link on the right side)


jody mcdowell said...

the fair looks like fun! that's pretty much what i did this weekend too, but i was on the vendor side instead of the shopping side. it was a beautiful day for it!

i'm jealous of that fabric pile!

kt said...

thanks for sharing some photos of the fair. Looks like you guys had great weather! with your new fabric it looks like a lot of good sewing is ahead:)

T @ Poppy Place said...

I love your new banner :)

Your photos are awesome and isn't it always inpirational to see other people's booths :)

Your fabric stash is so colourful and anything Liberty well I am just plain jealous :)

Have a lovely Monday, T. :)

Amanda said...

Awww, thanks for the shout out Andrea! Your pink pig pouch is too cute, and is definitely coveted.

Happy sewing with that lovely fabric stash!

Amanda (weebit)

Lisa said...

Looks like you had a blast!!!
Great treasury of sewing arsenal!!!
That always gets one on the inspirational track!!

**We BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Love the look of the fair!
We went out for a lovely meal to celebrate 2 friends Birthdays...Saturday was a lazy day and then Sunday...the Ball game with our girls.
AND great about the Treasury!

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