Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pouch ... Creativity... Nap

Coco, the studio mascot, in nap mode

I made up a new pouch today.
I'm trying to decide what size to make these. They're all a wee bit different. I want to do some pencil case sized pouches too...maybe that'll be next.

Do you watch American Idol? If you do, you know how the judges sometimes say the singers chose a song that was 'safe' ? That's how I feel about my projects right now.
I love to make them, they're nice, etc.
But they're safe.
Sometimes I feel the need to know: I can get out certain fabrics, certain patterns, make something, and it'll most likely turn out after spending so much time and supplies on them.
But sometimes, like now: I feel the need to try something new.

After going to the Country Living Fair this past weekend I was re~inspired to try some new things. I used to make all kinds of different things pre ~etsy shop. Greeting cards, drawings, flower pins, lots more knitting...
Now that I have had an etsy shop for awhile...I feel like I only have time to do what needs to be done for the shop.
I have some new ideas swirling around in my head that just need to get made so maybe that's what I'll work on next. I need to make some time to be more creative.

Are you being safe with your projects too?

This is what I really want to do though :

Lay down and take a nap, right here ; )


**We BLOG ARTISTS** said...

hahaaa...I would like to do that too!
Safe? YUP...I'm being pretty safe...BUT I just went to buy some supplies too...getting ready for our Mamas and Chicks Show!
LOVE your new pouch...keep going in that direction!

Lisa said...

well put.. is it safe or ... I hate to say it ... a rut?? I know been there done that... You go girl!! Get crazy.. get creative.. get craftin! do it for yourself.. not etsy. It will help your estsy self.. inspire you.. You can always give it away as a gift to a family member if it is too wild.. But you will be zested!!!

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