Saturday, September 18, 2010

More pouches

Edit 9/20
I will no longer be calling these pencil pouches because I just noticed after taking some new photos today, that only one sharpened pencil will fit in tese pouches, on an angle. These will from now on be known as pouches. Off to make some pencil sized pencil pouches ; )

I've been on sort of a pencil pouch making frenzy.
I've been wanting to add some to the shop for a while. Using the dachshund fabric the other day got me back into my kawaii type Japanese fabric stash.
I made up a few more pouches:

This one has pigs and trees, flowers and apples. How cute! I originally bought it to cover a ham.I was working on a tutorial for that....that reminds me....I've never shown that. Or gotten around to using this fabric for it. It's a little taller than the one with dachshunds.

This one I've been calling 'toasty bunny' tho' the bear's the one with the scarf on! I thought it looked "Fallish". A little beigy lace crochet trim on the side. This one's the teeniest of the pouches.

They all have buttons glued or sewn to the tabs.
I'll be posting them to my flickr page today, and the shop soon ; )
Happy Crafting !


Martina said...

Wow, Andrea, these are so cute! I bet you could start a fashion with them - if one kid has one, the others want one too. And the mums! Keep making them -and enjoy your weekend!

Lisa said...

so happy & delightful! I love the photo of your little bags together!

moose and bird said...

I love your pouches, you always make them look so beautiful. My favourite is the toasty the combination of fabrics and the beige trim. Perfection. xo

T @ Poppy Place said...

I love the Bunnies and the gingham too :)

You just can't be stopped can you! :)

Love seeing your gorgeous work :)

Have a lovely weekend T.

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