Friday, September 17, 2010

Pencil cases coming soon

I decided to make some pencil cases. I had one in the shop a while back, but have contemplated re~listing it since it didn't sell.
I designed a newer version last night, after being inspired by some of this Japanese fabric I finally got gutsy enough to cut into and make a present with the other day ; )

I love the dachshunds, of course, and the little gingham on the side-tho' a little more difficult to work with-lining up those little squares- but the results are worth it I think.

Also added a little 'tab/loop' on the side for fun, and hand stitched a button on it. It all looks 'zakka' to me. Which I haven't done in awhile.

The interfacing is one that makes it stiffer and stand up by itself. (Of course I cannot find anymore of it in any of the stores I have around-I've been to all of them in the past 3 days. I've hesitated to use it for so long, now I find out I like it and can't find it anymore~just my luck :0 )

The 'pencil case' could also be sued for cosmetics or whatever other small items, you'd like. Personally, I'd probably throw my little knitting notions in it. I just love little bags to organize things in : )
What do you think?
Going in the shop soon : )


Got It From My Mama said...

I just love your pencil cases the one with the dachsunds is so nice and the one with the washing line is so cute, and they could be used for many things and they would make a really nice gift. said...

such lovely fabric combination :) what kind of interfacing are u referring to? just curious!


andrea creates said...

WhimsyLoft-I don't even know what it's called. I just had a yard or so laying around. I've been to Joann, Hobby Lobby, and Hancocok's which have to be one of the places I got it but can't seem to find it anymore.
so strange. Its stiff but flexible. Almost looks like a band aid on the non fusible side ;)

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