Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sewing Pattern Reviews (and not 'thinking')

It's about time for me to start up my Christmas -and plenty o' birthdays coming up, gift making mania.
When making gifts for family and friends I love using patterns from other designers for several reasons-

1. I love to buy new patterns and books and magazines, and this makes a great excuse ; )
2. I love making gifts~handmade of course is best, right? But the people I know often get things designed and made by me, so this gives me a chance to try out new designs for them, even if ...they're still made by me ; )
3. I can't make them to sell of course~so I make them to give.

Other reasons I like following others' patterns are-
I don't have to 'think'. Sometimes I just don't want to spend all day designing something and not be sure it's even going to work out.
It's also a great way to learn new techniques, installation of zippers, interfacings and so forth..

I decided to make this Key Keeper Coin Purse for someone special, from Amy Butler's Style Stitches book I got the other day for my birthday.
And the Origami Bag in size' Mini'.

This little bag was a bit trickier to put together than I originally thought it would be, due to the somewhat curved area attached to the straight band.
I think it turned out pretty nice though anyway.
Next time I may:
~Enlarge the opening. It seems a little narrow.
~Not add an interior pocket. Due to the narrow opening -it's a little hard to get to. I may make one for me and try it out to be sure.

Then again, I may just do it the 'right' way and not 'think'......

I used up some of my French Provencal fabrics I've been hoarding,
and some upholstery fabric for the lining.

For the Origami Bag, I used some Japanese fabric I have with dachshunds- of course Coco approves ; )



left side

This was much easier to make. Probably because there are no curves and the opening is larger.
I love the wide gusset, it makes the pouch open up wide and sit flat. I'm envisioning this as a pencil case, again for someone on my gift list : )

On these bags, I love the little details, like the fabric 'tags' on the sides, top stitching and pleats.

The zipper installation process is a little different than my own, and involves more steps. If you follow all of them carefully the zipper turns out quite nice, and is very straight at the edges-which I think is great.
Next time I will:
~ install the zipper my way and see if it works out as well.
~for sure buy a longer zipper. I hate seeing metal tabs on the ends of zippers. Just a pet peeve of mine.

They were pretty quick to make up and used pretty small remnants of fabric I have on hand. I think the details are great. I can't wait to make more!

Here's a little tip of mine: (I'll have to double check the sizes, and I noticed it's different online but...)
I did notice if you buy in store at Joann (and most craft places like that, that sell the Coats and Clark zippers) the zippers are the same price regardless if you buy the smallest length that I looked at (7 inch) or the 14 inch(maybe even longer). I buy the longest length and cut them down. That way when I go~especially with my coupons, I never wonder what size I need-I just get the longest in that price range. And I don't have to see those metal ends ; )

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Lisa said...

Love the little coin pouch.. the color combo is so striking... and must I say... that "happy washing" fabric is sooooo cute! Put your own little Andrea twist to the pattern & put it becomes yours... put it in your shop!!! We have all been inspired somewhere!

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