Friday, October 1, 2010

Business Card Wallets

Remember this post from a few days ago?
Well, I finally came up with something that has been in the works for a year. Yep, a year.
O.k well, I made one for myself that got half finished last year, put it aside, and came back to it only yesterday to challenge myself to make something new. Where does the time go?

I love making little projects best, creative and functional, this fit the bill as I also needed one.
I keep changing purses and never have a case for my business cards. I just dump them in and they get lost and ruined at the bottom of my bag :(

This one is now in the shop.
It reminds me of a clutch in the photo-the size is a little deceiving. It's really small though. Check out the little acorn next to it and see ; )
It could also be used for gift cards, paper money, credit cards....

Coordinating clutch? Good idea or no?

2 pockets, 1 for your cards, 1 for your favorite places and shops?

I hope others' like them as much as I enjoyed making it, cause I can't wait to make more : )


Lisa said...

I love it!! What a wonderful idea!

You are so creative! Great photo with the acorn... good size reference.

Heather said...

oh wow! I love this! How handy and the patterns on the cloth are so lovely...

andrea creates said...

Thanks girls-they're really fun to make :)

Martina said...

Soooo sweet and stylish to carry your business card in a thing like this! Yes, this will be a hit in your shop! Have a lovely weekend Andrea!

Hashi said...

Cute! I need one of them for my BCs. Coordinating clutch? A bit too matchy-matchy for my taste ;-)
P.S. Ha, my word verification is 'wanting'. LOL!

Julie said...

OOooh I love these little wallets! Very good idea. I want one! : )

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