Saturday, October 2, 2010

scrapbook supply store stash

You know how I love going to the scrapbook supply store, right? I've posted about that before, getting things I plan to use in projects-other than scrapbooking. I used to scrapbook a lot but haven't had time lately.
The scrapbook store is also a great place to get sewing and other mixed media & altered art supplies.
Yep, sewing supplies.

I always find neat buttons and trims there.

I found this hole punch by ek success. There were several to choose from. I thought they'd be great to cut down my Moo cards that I use for hang tags. Cute, no? Makes them a little different from the business cards...
And,' helas', I can hardly ever resist paper with French words printed-or birds ; )

Just thought I'd share a few photos of my latest finds : )
Do you have any surprise places you find your supplies?


Becca said...

Love the craft/scrapbook stores!

Christie Cottage said...

Those are all great items! It is amazing to go through a scrapbooking shop.

Awesome fins!

Have a wonderful day and enjoy crafting!


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