Monday, October 4, 2010

more wallets

I can't type much-I've been knitting so much the tips of my fingers hurt ;( trying to catch up on shop orders and making Christmas gifts : )
But~~ I have been having so much fun making these guys, I just wanted to share :

Little business card wallets. I love to experiment with the color and fabric combinations. And the size is just right for me right now. Little.
I am apparently on a blue kick. I promise I have other color ideas but had these in mind to make so they got done first.
Going to be adding one to the shop and then off to do homework ; )

What colors have you been working with lately?


kt said...

I love these little wallets they are so sweet! I have been all over the place with colors lately, but just brought some red and green materials for the holidays
p.s. hope the fingers tips feel better:)

jess said...

these are so cute, i love the one with the text.

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