Tuesday, October 5, 2010

petits cadeaux

I've been having fun making up some little goodies lately.
I thought it would be nice to add a little something to my packages for the buyer as a special thank you.
Sales have increased lately & I also imagine around this time of year, a few of those sales are destined to be gifts....so I think the buyer should have a little prize too : )

I came up with these little circle shaped clips. I have such a big stash of small pieces of fabric I simply cannot part with, and a circle cutter, some barrette parts and mucho buttons. Put them all together and, voila, a little clip with circle shapes of fabric, & a little button center.
You can secure them to a ponytail elastic, attach them to your hair the old fashioned way, they even make cute little package decorations!
Anyway, I'll include these in purchases made from now 'til the end of October~or maybe through the holiday season if I still have enough supplies ; )
I'll let you know come October's end : )


Becca said...

What a nice idea!
Have a great night! :-)

Art and Clasp said...

Those are lovely! What a great idea, you've inspired me to go and take a look at what bits and pieces I have lying around :)

Ammie said...

These are fabulous, charming, truly and simply divine.

moose and bird said...

That's such a great idea....I've been thinking of doing the same leading up to the Christmas season. x

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