Friday, October 8, 2010

Appointment with Creativity

Today's the first day I actually have a moment this week to work- I have seriously lost a day. Really it's got to be only Thursday, right?
I hate scheduling time to be creative because inevitably that's the time I end up not feeling creative. If I don't get lucky creative wise, I will at least work on papers, photos, listings....things not related to the sewing machine....I will be productive in some way. I'm determined. I've waited all week, lol ; )
I have some wallet parts cut up from the other day when I tried to force myself to assembly line (3) wallets, but I'm not 'feeling them' either- the pieces just aren't working for me. So I'll try again... Maybe I'll be newly inspired today. I got a new magazine which gave me some inspiration to try out some completely new (to me) things....and the scrapbook store again, and got bought more trims and buttons.

I did make the wallet above, and listed it here. It's the latest... I really like the butterscotch colors for Fall...And the Fig Tree Quilts prints. Some of my favorites.

Let's see if I get around to these creative ideas today : )

P.S: All coffee/tea sleeves are 1$ off through the month of October starting today. Just because :)
They make great teacher gifts with a favorite coffee shop gift card, or for yourself for every day!
You can find them here


Julie said...

I love it! The colors are beautiful!

andrea creates said...

thanks :)

Martina said...

I hate scheduling creative time as well - so difficult to get creative that way. But you are so productive anyway Andrea, this is pretty as ever!

Heather said...

I know what you mean about not feeling creative during times you've set aside to "BE CREATIVE!" lol. I think this wallet is lovely though and cant wait to look through the coffee cup sleeves!~

Christie Cottage said...

I hope the creatve juices flowed when you time to enjoy them!


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