Monday, October 25, 2010


Prototype time!
I've had this bag idea floating around in my mind for awhile just had to come out today. I didn't even stop to eat lunch til it was done and photographed, lol.
Now that it's done, I can see where I need to tweak it. I do that when I draw & paint too-first throw it all out there on the paper or canvas, then 'fix' it.
It was/is originally meant to have a strap. Yeah, I got so excited while sewing, I forgot to factor in where and how I was going to attach it before I got too far.
I think I have it figured out now but it was too late for this little guy.

Emphasis on 'little'. See how small it is ? I meant to do that.
No, really I did : )

See, my goal/inspiration, was to make one of my pouches but with a strap...sort of like a "pouch on a rope" ; ) A party purse~Not meant for everyday, but special occasions...
Would you use a bag this small?

I also quilted it-a lot. I haven't done that much quilting in awhile. Some random, some parallel, some intersecting lines. I don't like to make things too 'matchy perfect'. Cause I'm usually not good at it ; )

And here's the 'wood grain' inside.

So what do you think? I'm going to go try and make one with a strap now!


Julie said...

This is so sweet. It is perfect for a night out where you only need your ID, phone and lip gloss...definitely usable! (And so original to boot!): )

Christie Cottage said...

I lie it! I think all the quilting makes it great!


andrea creates said...

thanks-i've been working on another one-almost done :)

kt said...

Andrea this made me laugh, i have done the must work through lunch too:)
but wow it was worth it i love the new bag and just read the post with the strap lovely!

Filomena Catalina said...

Love it! Really sweet! The last picture reminds me a watermelon :o)

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