Monday, October 25, 2010

Sometimes I...

Sometimes I take blurry photos~this way I can play with the photos and make pretty designs ; )

Sometimes I make something really good on the very first try~so...
sometimes I use some of my best fabric.

And sometimes I mess up~and wish I hadn't used some of my best fabric : (

Sometimes I have to make something a kajillion times before I get it right :0

Almost got this down. Didn't forget the d rings for the strap this time!
I tried a few different ways to make the strap.
Didn't like any of the ways :0

Sometimes I keep these things for myself ; )


Christie Cottage said...

Love this post! ANyone who sews can relate! LOL I know I can!

Have a wonderful day!


choco.pop said...

Hi Andrea ^^
Just stopping by to say "Hi, I love your work"


smArtee said...

I think it looks wonderful..!Great design..!

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